I have launched my first eCommerce Business here in the UK

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I have launched my first eCommerce Business here in the UK

Firstly I want to say sorry to all my readers of  Robbie’s blog, I had promised more interview this year but unfortunately time hasn’t permitted, as I have been busy working on my first eCommerce Business here in the UK.

You might have noticed the banners on RobbiesBlog.com for my new site – ScreenProtectors.co.uk and before anyone says anything I know it’s not a .COM… Trust me I have tried to acquire the .com but haven’t had any joy as of yet but those who know me, Shall know that I will acquire it sooner rather than later, My focus for the next 6 months is growing our sales first here in my home market which is the UK and then moving onto the USA and other countries.

I choose ScreenProtectors.co.uk to start my first eCommerce business as I have been selling generic Smart Phone Screen Protectors for the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy on Amazon.co.uk and eBay.co.uk for the past 12 months and sales have been growing steady so I decided that I should create a strong brand on my own platform.

I had Jacob Fedosky of Develio.com design the site for me using WooCommerce as the operating platform for the store on WordPress and I decided to give ZippyKid.com a shot as my Hosting provider as many people had spoken of great things about them and I do agree the support is excellent and the site load time is good the only unfortunate issue is you can’t host your email with ZippyKid.com so I have decided to use Rackspace.com to host my email service for ScreenProtectors.co.uk

Starting an eCommerce business from scratch isn’t easy but I have used what I learned in domaining as well as my day job as a sales manager for a manufacturer to develop my business from the ground up without any partners or outside investment and it can be done if you own a strong domain and you are passionate about it to dedicate time to one project.

This isn’t a mini site or affiliate program it is an actual business that I am building from the ground up having to design packaging and choose the correct stock, setting prices for the items in a retail market where you have lots of competition you need to stand out and hopefully by owning ScreenProtectors.co.uk my customer base shall see we stand out from the crowd.

We have launched only this week and I shall write more about the development and the day to day running of an eCommerce business while holding down full time employment.

In the meantime I would welcome all feedback on the site please check out ScreenProtectors.co.uk and let me know your honest thoughts, you can email me robbie “at” screenprotectors.co.uk or leave a comment here.

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Robbie Ferguson is an Internet Entrepreneur, Domain Investor, Domain Broker, Blogger and founder of various websites and eCommerce businesses such as ScreenProtectors.co.uk

4 Comments on "I have launched my first eCommerce Business here in the UK"

  1. Congrats of the launch of the site. Just curious, are you doing drop shipping or buying the inventory in bulk and then selling?

    I was browsing through the site and put an item in the cart and it shows on the right hand top corner that something is in the cart. But when I click on View Cart or Checkout, I am getting a message “Your cart is currently empty”. Just wanted to let you know so that you can fix it quickly and not lose orders.

    • Thanks Rahul,

      Can you email me (robbie at screenprotectors.co.uk) your brower i.e Chrome, IE, Firefox etc and I shall get my developer to look into this issue.

      Thanks for your feedback and we Buy the Protectors from our manufacturing partner and ship ourself.



  2. Good luck Robbie – sounds exciting……

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