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Interview with Jacob Fedosky  – I have asked various parties within the domain industry to take part in some interviews to give us a little background about themselves, where they see the industry heading and how they feel the current market for domain names are our nineteenth interview is by Jacob Fedosky.

Jacob has been recently appointed as the Director of Domain Development at Vessio and he also operates his own blog on I would like to congratulate Jacob and wish him the best of luck in his new position, below is the press release from Vessio and then we get into the interview with Jacob. Plans The Release Of Their Domain Development Service

Vessio, LLC, a web development company operating out of Houston, Texas has announced their soon to be released Domain Development service which will provide a new level of sophistication and revenue possibilities to Domain Name owners. Since 2006, Vessio has deployed hundreds of websites and dynamic components for a global list of companies and organizations large and small that fuse seamless design with smooth functionality.

Domain names, undoubtedly, are a mandatory aspect of the web, and that very significance has created an industry in itself. Much like the buying, selling, and developing of real estate property, domain names have proven to yield very similar revenue possibilities. Vessio understands proper development and what is necessary to yield a targeted presence online. After researching the current solutions being provided in the market, Vessio has identified the positive and negative aspects and tailored a unique service that is accessible and manageable for domain name owners to execute.

Jacob Fedosky, Director of Domain Development at Vessio, has provided insight relating to common questions surrounding Vessio’s new service.

We have seen similar types of services come and go, what is different about Vessio’s approach?

“Other providers tend to have a single template. Each minisite they churn out has a different color scheme and header but the general feel of the site is the same. We’re completely customizing each site. Other providers also fill their minisites with sub-par content. Vessio has partnered with a high quality content provider so our developed websites give visitors the information they came to find. With customized designs and quality content, we’re turning domain names into authoritative websites.”

Why do you feel it is time for a reputable service provider to provide domain development services?

“As parking revenues continue to fall, domain portfolio owners need a viable solution to earn money from their domain names. Other providers have tried to solve this problem but they have done so in a way that isn’t scalable. Vessio isn’t developing “minisites” – we’re developing actual websites that provide real value to both domain owners and consumers that access the websites.”

Since when do Domainers know what they want in terms of development, how will Vessio help?

“Domainers want results. Other providers have come and gone because they can’t give their customers consistent results. They built “cookie-cutter” minisites filling them with spammy content and too many AdSense ads. Vessio is providing customized designs, quality content, and custom ad integration. While we still utilize AdSense for our clients, we don’t depend on it. We also integrate a number of affiliate links & ads. By incorporating several revenue streams into each site, Vessio keeps developed domain names from appearing spammy and in turn, produces results.”

What does Vessio aim to provide with this service and what results can be expected?

We aim to provide a quality website for each domain name that is brought to us. Developed domain names can be more profitable than parked pages in several ways. First, ad revenue can be generated through Pay-Per-Click ads, affiliate programs, and direct ad sales. Second, some developed domain names may quickly become authoritative websites. It’s nearly impossible to see this potential when a domain name is parked. However, our clients may see their developed domain names rank in search engines very quickly. In such situations we recommend a larger scale of development to further the growth and to capitalize on the website’s potential. Lastly, developed domain names are put in front of more buyers. Vessio optionally adds “for sale” markings on websites they develop.

Vessio is prepared to launch their Domain Development service in early October 2012, pricing will be competitive and incentives will be offered on bulk orders.

Vessio is a trusted leader in delivering innovative web solutions obtained at enterprise, campaign, and assignment levels providing website development, design, and open source application services to help maintain a productive and active presence online.

For more information about Vessio and their services, visit or call 1 (866) 383–6734.

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What are your current thoughts on the Domain Aftermarket? i.e. Sales and Enquiries etc – General Mood of Domainers / End users?

I think there is still a strong market for strong domain names. End users are also becoming more aware of the value of domain names. Specifically, I’m working with a local bean farmer for a marketing project. He understands the value of descriptive generic domain names. If a bean farmer sees the value of domain names, fortune 500 companies will too.

Where do you see GTLDS in 3 years time?

Honestly, I can’t imagine most new GTLD’s taking off. I do know that no matter what happens, .com is going to keep growing in value.

What are you or your companies investing in? i.e. Dot Com only Domains – Typo – etc?

I only invest in a select few .com domain names. As a college student, money is pretty tight. I have to make a great case for a domain name before I buy it.

Do you believe in Parking or Developing?

I believe that development is the way to go if it’s done right (I don’t park my domain names). Building a high quality website with high quality content beats parking for 90% of the domain names that domainers own.

What is your favourite domain personally or company owned? & – It’s great to own the personal/ family domain names.

If you were starting out in the domain space today what are your 3 top tips?

  • Don’t hand register anything.
  • Browse domain blogs and forums before you make any purchases.
  • Set goals & limits

Good domain names can be hand registered but if you’re just now getting started there is a good chance that you will register garbage domain names.

What’s the next big thing that your companies are working on?

Domain development. I was recently hired by Vessio, LLC to launch their domain development division. I’ve been responsible for designing the entire process. We’re setting ourselves apart from minisite developers. We’re building high quality websites for domain developers.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
If only I knew. By then I will have graduated from Texas Tech University with degrees in Management Information Systems and either Marketing or Accounting. Past that, I haven’t a clue.

What has been your biggest challenge in the domain business?
My age. I’ve gotten a lot of recognition for being a young domainer but some people don’t take me seriously. I suppose my biggest challenge has been making people see that a 19 year old can be just as professional as a 40 year old.

What do you feel has been your largest accomplishment in the Business / Personally?
My largest accomplishment was being hired by Vessio to direct the domain development division. It’s been a ton of fun and it’s a huge honor.

I would like to say a big Thank You to Jacob Fedosky for taking part in this interview for – Please check out Jacob Fedosky blog over at and also check out where Jacob is Director of Domain Development at Vessio.

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