iPhone 5 launches today and iPhone5.com sits dormant

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I think just about everybody in the world knows by now that the new iPhone has launched officially today and it shall start being sold on 21st of September 2012. Apple recently won the domain name iPhone5.com but for some reason the domain is sitting dormant and not resolving.

Apple are one of the smarter companies that I would say “get it” when it comes to domain names and actually monitor the type in traffic from different domains even if they are only refered back to the main site i.e. – type into your browser www.aple.com and you shall be redirected to apple.com but look at the address bar – http://www.apple.com/?cid=OAS-US-DOMAINS-aple.com – It would seem that someone has forgotten to pass the message onto IT today about the iPhone 5 launching and setup a tracked redirect.

The Alexa ranking already for iphone 5 is 454,644 it has 328  links – I am pretty sure that number is about to increase quickly – A quick check shows iPhone6.com, iPhone7.com, iPhone8.com, iPhone9.com & iPhone10 + more are already registered – Each one has UDRP written all over them.

The next domain that Apple will want to own is iPhone5S.com – This domain is under GoDaddy.com Domain Privacy but it wont be long before it is UDRP aswell, If I owned the domain I would just give it up now!

Anyway if you want to know more about the iPhone 5 – Check out Apple.com

The main features of the new iPhone 5

Thinner and lighter – 18% thinner and 20% lighter to be exact
Bigger display – 4″ retina display
Ultrafast wireless – thanks to LTE
Faster and with more battery life – the A6 chip is making this possible
New earphones – now called earpods, still probably cost less than $2 to make
Improved camera – faster, higher quality, and with a slick panorama mode built in
New connector – it’s called lighting and it’s fast and works no matter which way you orient it
New Maps – bye bye Google Maps, hello Apple Maps

Prices Start at $199 on a two year plan for the iphone 5

So what are your thoughts? Can you live without the new iPhone 5 or can you wait a little while before picking one up?


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