Just Dropped – Todays List Of Domains – CallATherapist.com, GlowInTheDarkSigns.com & RoastedHazelNuts.com plus more…

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Todays Just Dropped – Domains from $69, Highlights for myself are  CallATherapist.com $69, I think some of us are going to need one after COVID-19 Lockdown is over, GlowInTheDarkSigns.com $99, niche product could make a nice affiliate site. RoastedHazelNuts.com $69 – This reminds me of Christmas… Tasty…

Today’s Domain List, Thursday 28th of May 2020 – To Purchase Simply Click the BUY ME link

Today’s Domain List – To Purchase Simply Click the BUY ME link

BUY ME > BotanicalVapors.com $69 (interesting one…)
BUY ME > BubbaKushCannabis.com $69 (it’s a popular strain!!)
BUY ME > Budilicious.com $69 (cool BRAND for the cannabis vertical!)
BUY ME > CallATherapist.com $69 (when you just need to talk…)
BUY ME > DirtyPhoneCalls.com $149 (is Dick Hertz home? – LOL, lots of content!!)
BUY ME > DistrictSalesManager.com $69 (a popular job position – Estibot value $1,100!)
BUY ME > DomainCritique.com $299 (think you got a good domain, check it on DomainCritique.com!)
BUY ME > EverythingErotic.com $69 (find it here…)
BUY ME > GlowInTheDarkSigns.com $99 (nice one for any sign business!)
BUY ME > Hitties.com $99 (love this one, flip it for $3,000)
BUY ME > JobQuad.com $99 (CATCHY one for the employment vertical!)
BUY ME > KeepingYouAbreast.com $299 (a news app, .net/org TAKEN!)
BUY ME > Kroppers.com $69 (flip this gem for $2,500!)
BUY ME > LogicTutoring.com $99 (HIGHLY BRANDABLE and a STEAL!)
BUY ME > MakeaWishTravel.com $69 (registered in many extensions – own the .com!)
BUY ME > Oixin.com $69 (5 letters, pronounceable and a DEAL!)
BUY ME > PestManage.com $69 (for the exterminator!)
BUY ME > PowerPressureCleaning.com $69 (pressure cleaning is BIG business!)
BUY ME > ReduceMoisture.com $69 (ever hear of DampRid?)
BUY ME > RoastedHazelNuts.com $69 (yummmm, great product domain!)
BUY ME > SeafoodBarge.com $69 (great name for a seafood business)
BUY ME > Smump.com $299 (5 letters, pronounceable!)
BUY ME > SouthWestWeaving.com $69 (lots of weaving going on in the South West!)
BUY ME > SpeakYourThoughts.com $69 (my wife sure does… Perfect domain for a blog!!)
BUY ME > Sunseto.com $149 (HIGHLY BRANDABLE – flip it for $$$$$$)
BUY ME > SwimXperts.com $69 (learn how to swim, call the xperts – BRANDABLE!)
BUY ME > TemporaryHennaTattoos.com $69 (these are extremely popular!)
BUY ME > TicklesYourFancy.com $299 (catchy phrase and BRANDABLE)
BUY ME > TropicalThumbs.com $69 (HIGHLY BRANDABLE for the landscaper or gardener!)
BUY ME > UnderstandYourChild.com $99 (I try…)
BUY ME > WaxMyHair.com $199 (need a wax?)

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