Todays list from from $69 – $499 – $149, $69 & $69

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Yesterday’s list of domains by was the most read page of, followed by GoDaddy Domain Name Auctions, a big thank you to all who visit and do click through on our links when purchasing or bidding for any of the domain names we list, it really does help keep the blog alive and show us what is of interest to you and what isn’t…

There are 30+ names below from the Just Dropped list of domains and most are $69 which is a great price for many of these either brandable or two-word domain / exact match saying & phrases, what do you see that stands out to you?

I like at $149, while some might say it’s just a typo to, its nice short 5L domain name, Estibot values it at $1900 too which is always a bonus if you are trying to flip it and need a reference point, could you sell it and earn some dollars?

NycPeriodontics at $69 is cheap to own Newyork City Periodontics, could you flip it to Dr. Navid Rahmani or – at $69 bucks again, Estibot values at $1,500 could you sell Computer Threat Detection software? Cybersecurity is a behemoth industry.

Clicking on the links below shall take you over to Paypal to complete the transaction of any of these domain names instantly.

BUY ME > $99 (abc and grammar, what a pair – BRANDABLE!)
BUY ME > $69 (make your antiques last!!)
BUY ME > $69 (awesome BRAND for a cannabis company!)
BUY ME > $69 (virus protection! Estibot value $1,500!)
BUY ME > $69 (learn about them here)
BUY ME > $299 (love it!)
BUY ME > $199 (build a business on!)
BUY ME > $199 (HIGHLY BRANDABLE for a vending business!)
BUY ME > $69 (I feel so much better know…holistic relief!)
BUY ME > $69 (only the natural stuff for me!)
BUY ME > $69 (need some herbs?)
BUY ME > $149 (5 letters and BRANDABLE!)
BUY ME > $69 (love it for an invitation company!)
BUY ME > $69 (personalize it!)
BUY ME > $399 (awesome one for the Realtor!!)
BUY ME > $69 (nice GEO)
BUY ME > $69 (moving and packing company – Estibot value $2,600!!)
BUY ME > $149 (for all your pet supplies!)
BUY ME > $69 (perfect for the reputation repair business .net TAKEN!)
BUY ME > $69 (keep your property safe!)
BUY ME > $69 (for the bone doctor!)
BUY ME > $149 (5 letters, pronounceable – Estibot value $1,900!!)
BUY ME > $69 (I have an app for that!)
BUY ME > $69 (perfect for the solar vertical!)
BUY ME > $149 (delivered to your door!!)
BUY ME > $69 (Estibot value $1,600!)
BUY ME > $69 (dude, that was totally far out…)
BUY ME > $69 (perfect for an app)
BUY ME > $499 (HIGHLY brandable domain for a glass store!)
BUY ME > $69 (YUMMM – sounds like a BRAND to me)
BUY ME > $69 (5 letters, pronounceable and a DEAL!)
BUY ME > $79 (5 letters, pronounceable – Estibot value $2,200!)


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