Ken Block sues producers over

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Ken Block is a professional rally driver with the Monster World Rally Team and founder of DC Shoes, He is also known for his tyre-frying Gymkhana series of YouTube videos.

Ken Block is now suing his former co-producers over the rights to the domain name

According to enthusiast website Jalopnik, Ken Block has filed a lawsuit against Mad Media, the co-producers of the first three hugely popular Gymkhana videos, for trying to profit unethically from the use of the gymkhana name despite having nothing to do with the creation of the brand other than recording the initial videos.

While featuring advertisements and links to Ken Block-related content, the website clearly states, “DISCLAIMER: This website does not originate from, is not affiliated, connected, or associated with, and is not sponsored or approved by Ken Block or DC Shoes.”

Ken Block, who does not own the website’s URL but does own the Gymkhana trademark under DC Shoes, Inc., was made aware of the issue after a colleague notified him about Mad Media trying to sell advertising on its site.

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