Kevin Ham does it again with

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Kevin Ham does it again with

Kevin Ham does it again with becoming the second fastest growing trafficked site for November according to compete.

Well done to Kevin Ham and the Reinvent International team for have the second fastest growth in November he did lose out to in regards to growth but Kevin’s website still received a ton more traffic due to the Natural Type In Traffic that gets everyday if you look at the Alexa rankings vs you see that ranked 519 in the USA vs being ranked 630 most popular site in the USA.

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Alexa Traffic Rank: 3,620 United States Flag Traffic Rank in US: 519
link-icon Sites Linking In: 624

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Alexa Traffic Rank: 6,162 United States Flag Traffic Rank in US: 633
link-icon Sites Linking In: 630

This news again shows the power of a strong generic dot com domain name and how it can be turned into a real brand if you are interested in turning these killer domains into real businesses then you need to check out what World Media Group are doing with there World Accelerator program and also what Domain King Rick Schwartz is doing over at

Here is the data below of the Top 10 Growth sites by Compete.


November Data

In November, the fastest growing Website traffic lists were heavily influenced by Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with Black Friday sites, bargain sites, holiday sites, and retail sites taking leading positions. Other key drivers of Web traffic in November include the Powerball lottery and the U.S. presidential election. Relief efforts for those affected by Hurricane Sandy likely drove a large increase in traffic to

Fast Movers November 2012

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2 Comments on "Kevin Ham does it again with"

  1. If Kevin Ham really wanted to double down he would purchase the following domain name and take on his own website head t head:

    ClickFriday (dot com)

    It would shape up to be the “stay at home alternative” to Black Friday. Also, another “Cyber Monday” type opportunity.

  2. Please…your clickfriday makes no sense.

    Kevin would have to wait untill Friday to click on it and today is only Tuesday.

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