Kim dot com relaunches ME.GA with new domain

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Kim dot com relaunches ME.GA with new domain

Well one week later Kim Dot Com has now announced plans to launch on – The domain was registered on 26th of July 2012 and servers currently point to

.NZ is New Zealand’s main TLD domain name operated by InternetNZ  – this is taken from Internet NZ website about us – InternetNZ (Internet New Zealand Inc.) is the non-profit open membership organisation dedicated to protecting and promoting the Internet in New Zealand and fostering a coordinated, cooperative approach to its ongoing development.

Our primary objective is “high performance and unfettered access for all” so the Internet continues to operate in an open environment that cannot be captured by any entity or individual for their own ends.

What are your thoughts on this?

Do you think InternetNZ will shut down

There are several Second Level .NZ domains i.e


  •—Tertiary educational institutions and related organisations
  •—Organisations pursuing commercial aims and purposes
  • – For people who are concentrative, technically skilled and imaginative who are generally adept with computers
  • – Individuals and other organisations not covered elsewhere
  • – Māori people, groups, and organisations
  • – Organisations and service providers directly related to the NZ Internet
  • – Not-for-profit organisations
  • – Primary, secondary and pre-schools and related organisations


  • – Crown Research Institutes.
  • – National, regional and local government organisations operating with statutory powers. Registration is only available through the government registrar,, and there is a government portal at
  • – A traditional Māori tribe, hapu, or Taurahere group. Available from
  • – Reserved for parliamentary agencies, Offices of Parliament, and parliamentary political parties and their elected members.
  • – the military organisation of the NZ Government – the New Zealand Defence Force.
  • – Health organisations.

Here is the full article below taken from the Inquirer

FILE STORAGE MILLIONAIRE Kim Dotcom has found another domain name for his Mega website after it lost its “.ga” domain name suffix last week.

Mega, which was to be, is now This has an unfortunate connotation, that it is a mega con, but at least that is better than being banned by the African country of Gabon before it had a chance to start operating.

Dotcom has big plans for his new site, and reckons that it will turn file storage on its head, make it more secure and much more user friendly.

Unfortunately for him Gabon decided early that it would be used for nefarious purposes, and pulled the virtual rug out from under it.

Dotcom, who has remained defiant since the raid on his home and business in January, has lined up a replacement already, and that is in the country that he now calls home.

“New Zealand will be the home of our new website: – Powered by legality and protected by the law,” he said.

Last week he was accusing Gabon of censuring him and his website for cybercrimes that it had not yet committed, and working in cahoots with the US authorities.

“Gabon Minister used time machine to analyze legality of the future Mega,” he said.” Verdict: Cyber crime! Gets 5$ award from the FBI.”

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