Raiders owner Mark Davis bought

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Mark Davis, The owner of Las Vegas Raiders formally known as the Los Angeles Raiders knew 22 years ago that he would one day move the team to Las Vegas and registered the domain name back in 1998, The domain name forwards to which I suspect shall remain the case as the brand is really known as The Raiders, subsequently, the NFL also owns the but it doesn’t appear to resolve.

The Las Vegas Raiders are continuing to build their new Stadium named the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas during the Coronavirus Lockdown and you can watch a live stream by visiting & if you want to learn more about the new stadium they also own the exact match where you can see more about what’s to come…

Do you see the NFL playing any games this year? – The schedule for NFL 2020 season is due to start on September 10, 2020, and run until January 3, 2021, will games be played? will fans be allowed in the stadiums? What do you think?

Las Vegas Raiders

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