Our latest eCom project – MrsAccessories.com is now live!

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I know a lot people had been asking where I have been, back in 2013 I was posting daily on RobbiesBlog.com and often two or three times per day but this dropped off at the start of the year to start work on a new eCom project which I can now reveal is live MrsAccessories.com.

Now that the site is live I am hoping to get back into more frequent postings on RobbiesBlog.com and I am also looking for guest writers to help out with content, if you have a passion about the domain name industry and want to talk in-depth further about certain topics then please contact me to discuss writing on RobbiesBlog.com

So I am sure a few people are wondering why the jump from my last eCom project ScreenProtectors.co.uk to Female Fashion, Well the answer is my wife…

This is actually going to be her business and her first step into running her own eCom store, she has sourced the products, purchased the stock and then I have helped with building the website using WordPress and WooCommerce.

You really didn’t think  I would know the first thing about female fashion did you?

We are really looking forward to working together on this new project and while she shall do the day to running of the business, I shall be involved with other aspects such as SEO and how to grow the traffic using my experience from ScreenProtectors.co.uk and the other sites I have operated, It wont be an easy task as there are huge competitors here in the UK and world-wide along with many small businesses but this is a hot niche that hopefully shall return some nice ROI.

Can you please Like our Facebook Page & Follow Us on Twitter – We offer World Wide Shipping and you never know you might see something you like on the website for yourself or your partner drop a message for an introduction discount!

Like Facebook – Facebook.com/MrsAccessoriescom

Follow Twitter – Twitter.com/Mrs_Accessories

Check out the site – MrsAccessories.com

An update for anyone wanting to know re ScreenProtectors.co.uk – Traffic is now  an average of 3000 Page View per month not bad in my opinion, Ranked on the first page of Google.co.uk for many terms including Screen Protector & Screen Protectors, We have started also selling on eBay.co.uk to further expand our sales and between the main website and eBay we are selling around four figure per month of Screen Protectors, We aren’t setting the world on fire but we are doing ok for a side project, I still work my day job as a sales manager and my online income is my bonus and also something that I love to do!

I have been considering selling ScreenProtectors.co.uk with the website, customer database and my supplier contacts to focus more on MrsAccessories.com, if anyone is interested in more details on the sale of the site and domains then don’t forget to drop me an email or comment here.

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Robbie Ferguson is an Internet Entrepreneur, Domain Investor, Domain Broker, Blogger and founder of various websites and eCommerce businesses such as ScreenProtectors.co.uk

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