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A few weeks ago on one of my Name Liquidate posts, I wrote about the domain name BusShelters.com being auctioned, the domain name had an estibot value of $25,000 USD and was listed for under $1K – So potential to be 25 X Return on this domain, It wasn’t long after that post that Rob Monster shared on Twitter that BusShelters.com had been snapped up for just over $927 USD.

The domain name was owned by Morris Communications, LLC for a large part of its life and the last public whois records showed this until Dec 2019, The most recent archived public whois record in March 2020 it went private and also moved from CSC Corporation over to NameCheap, I am unsure if a sale took place privately or if it was part of an expired drop and a domain name investor acquired then successfully listed it on Name Liquidate to flip the domain name, It was registered in February 21 years ago so that is a possibility too but I can’t see any archived sale on NameBio etc.

The new owner of BusShelters.com is legendary domain name investor Braden Pollock, who is a true entrepreneur and operates many different businesses both online and offline, I have interviewed Braden in the past on Robbies Blog, read more about Braden in these posts as well as features in DN Journal and many other blogs.

Congratulations to Braden on picking this domain name up for under $1K and I am confident you will flip it for a nice return in the future, A few other domain names that I got a note that Braden acquired recently and registered at Epik.com are CerealTruck.com, CerealTrucks.com, Cryptoing.net, KosherTruck.com, KosherTrucks.com, PetfoodTrucks.com, PopcornTrucks.com, Chargeless.net, Incubates.net, Recapitalize.net, Unawearable.net, Unawearables.net

How did I find out that Braden registered these domain names recently? I got a notification from WhoisXMLapi.com, I use their service to monitor domain name registrations, across a spectrum of companies and domain name investors, I would highly recommend using their services if you are wanting to learn what others are investing in right now, in the domain name industry or understand what major corporations are acquiring like Facebook, Walmart, Disney, Apple etc to see if you could acquire something that could be the next big product… (Excluding TMs) of course stay well away from them.

Have a great Sunday everyone and I look forward to sharing more posts like these this year with the assistance of WhoisXMLapi.

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