Lock8.com – Could be the next Five figure sale

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Lock8.com – Could be the next Five Figure sale!

Domain name Lock8.com could be the next five sale this year, The domain name is owned by Robert Jen from Troy – MI, USA.

Why do I say Lock8.com could be the next five-figure sale? Well a new company launched today named Lock8 which offers a smart lock system to prevent your bike from being stolen has just hit the market to start raising funds on Kickstarter their goal is £50,000 GBP , They operate on domain name Lock8.me – we are seeing more and more startups launch on dot me & dot co but can they afford the possible leakage of traffic to Lock8.com when the launch?

I would think if Lock8.com raises the funds they require and start to get some momentum in sales they need to own Lock8.com to guarantee international success, I think Lock8.com could easily be sold for Five Figures who knows maybe more…

What do you think?

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  1. I highly doubt it

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