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Whois XML Api instead of Google Adsense for those that don’t know is backed and operated by Directi Group who operate other domain industry such as,,, Radix,,, and the group was value at over $350 million dollars a few years ago and I am sure that figure has increased with over 1 million customers and growing at 120% per year Directi are big business employing over 1000 staff in offices around the world.

A review over on a website I would recommend all domain investors to check out covers the story about and asks if it’s a competitor to Google Adsense.

I say yes, I currently use Google Adsense on my sites but I do plan to try to start using instead of Google Adsense and I shall let you know how I get on with my results.

Read the full article below and here.

Let’s face it that Google are extremely dominative in PPC with both their programs being Adsense and Adwords. There has never been a real competitor to Google either. Ad Dynamo are growing but are simply not big enough, Infolinks won’t make you much money with others not offering the million of advertisers Google will let bid on your advertising space. However, Yahoo and Bing have joined with to make a PPC program powered by Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks to



The main pro I found had was it’s earnings. I had only used them for a week and was gaining on average $2.00 RPM. Now, compare this to Google’s $1.20 RPM, it’s $0.80 extra per thousands views! Never before had I really seen a PPC program that can compete against Adsense financially from how much it will earn the publisher.


A great feature of is the diversity of adverts the PPC program has up for offer to use on websites. As well as having every ad unit size Google Adsense has, also offers:

  • 300×600 half page.
  • 600×250 X-large.
  • 600×120 horizontal medium.

These sizes are exciting news for publishers: especially the 600×250 X-large ad size. With Google, the best size advert to place above content or below it would be the 336×280 or 300×250 advert. However, now, there is an advert that fits perfectly above or below content.

Another great element to is the contents of the advert. They have the typical text advert. But, they also have a ‘related searches’ which displays advertising links that are related to the content. This will beat any CTR Adsense can achieve because thee related searches generally do not look like adverts!



Like with every PPC program, has it’s disadvantages too. I found the main disadvantage was the lack of statistics. The main way publishers optimise their adverts for increased performance would be to change the advert and see how that affects the CTR of the advert. However, do not provide you with a CTR or even a CPC. Instead, you are given impressions, RPM and estimated value. This is no help because the RPM can increase/decrease due to:

  • Different CPCs.
  • Different CTR.
For example, after 1000 impressions, if you had a CPC of $0.50 and a CTR of 1%, the estimated earnings would be $5. If you had, after 1000 impressions, a CTR of 2% and a CPC of $0.25, you would still have estimated earnings at $5. You can’t tell what is fluctuating from just having the RPM as the only real statistic. This makes it extremely difficult to optimise adverts with their colours, sizes and positioning.
Another problem I found was the lack of a global PPC program. It is centred around America with the only currency available being dollars. Adsense has millions of publishers worldwide which is why they need the dozens of currencies. If want to have the same status as Google, surely they should do the same?
After using them, I am still unsure. I love Adsense – maybe because I have used them for a long time. It just feels that have given it a great go to compete against Adsense of which they do. However, it is going to take an amazing PPC program to beat Adsense: not just a great one.

So what are your thoughts? Are you using Would your recommend instead of Google Adsense?

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5 Comments on " instead of Google Adsense"

  1. Thank you for providing a detailed review of alternative adsense options.
    It is great to learn about other viable options to adsense. I have been an adsense publisher since 2003 and can relate to being comfortable with their program.

    However, it’s prudently wise to keep other income options open and properly vetted for any potential unforseen changes in our industry. We all know the great Google can giveth and taketh away in an instant.

  2. I havent tried the but they have positive reviews… thinking of switching to them… leaving adsense behind

  3. i have recently started program,i am happy with it,because it policies for gaining approval is flexible as compared to adsense.but reports are complicated,as i am still confused about RPM.can anyone one can tell me about it.there is difference between estimated revenue in dashboard and reports,why?

  4. I recently started using media and find it kind of disappointing because the lack of stats hope they upgrade soon 🙂

  5. Recently, i applied ads on my Technology sites, few days it works well but after it the RPM drop suddenly to zero, then it stay on it. I contact them but no one replied back to me. From tomorrow, i see some improvements in my revenue. I hope it will be good very soon!

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