Million Dollar Venture

Whois XML Api Million Dollar Venture. is reporting how the owner of who purchased the domain name in 2000 now has a business that had revenue growth of $2.3 million USD in 2011.

This was an increase on the previous three years growth of 892% Details about taken directly from there site.

About Us is privately owned and operated by Medx Publishing, Inc., a leading publisher of Medicare information, which provides resources and tools for making informed decisions on basic Medicare coverage needs. Founded in 2004, is a non-government resource with the mission of being an asset to both the Medicare system and those who depend on it, in that we provide coverage information simply and straightforward.

What We Do

As a guide to Medicare covered products and services, we make the complicated world of Medicare easy to read and understand. We give you the Medicare basics, as well as provide practical information and tools for making informed decisions on your Medicare coverage needs. We help get the answers you need by translating complicated topics into understandable articles that explain the most common coverage related questions.

We are not a government run site, but rely on the information provided by the Federal Government, which updates often. is supported by provider sponsors who make it easy for you to connect with covered products and services. Our strict procedures ensure that these third party resources are reliable, trusted, quality sources.

Yet again it shows you how one man who registered a domain name 12 years ago now reaps the rewards by turning it into a fully blown business venture.

It is something that many domainers could do still today, Stop buying crap use your money to turn one really powerful dot com domain into a business, it isn’t easy but being domainers we have the best insight into type in traffic, seo and what works.

What one domain name do you want to own and turn into a business right now that is sitting parked or undeveloped?

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