Microsoft launch Xbox One without owning

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Microsoft launch Xbox One without owning

Everyone was pretty sure the new XBox was going to be named the XBox 720 however at todays press release which is still running they have announced that there new XBox system shall be called the XBox One.

Doing a quick whois using Domain Tools it appears the domain name was registered back 29th December 2011 by KRASIMIR HRISTOV IVANOV from London the domain currently is going to a Lander.

Microsoft has registered the domain name which redirects to a Bing Page lander but you wonder why they didn’t buy the domain prior to launch or have a deal in the works…

As usual there has been a raft of domain registrations that have UDRP written over a lot of them with the following domains being registered today.

to name just a few….


Here is some more details below from

Microsoft has unveiled the Xbox One – its next-generation games console.

The firm unveiled the machine along with a new Kinect camera sensor and game pad at its US headquarters.

It described the voice and gesture-controlled machine as an “all-in-one” system offering games, live TV, movies and music.

The firm’s Entertainment and Devices Division accounted for $9.6bn (£6.3bn) worth of sales in Microsoft’s last financial year.

That only represented about 13% of its total revenue for the period – but one analyst said the importance of this launch should not be underestimated.

“Microsoft is very strong in business software and the enterprise cloud business, but its consumer businesses are facing tremendous challenges: PCs are declining rapidly and Windows Phone handsets have only a fraction of the market shares of rivals,” said Jia Wu from consultants Strategy Analytics.

“Xbox represents Microsoft’s core strategy in the consumer entertainment market, especially after it sold its Mediaroom video distribution business to Ericsson earlier this year.

“This is also the unique asset which Microsoft has that can differentiate itself from Apple, Google and several of the other large tech companies. ”

New features

The new machine sees Microsoft add a Blu-ray drive and Skype functionality to its console, built in feedback into its gamepad triggers, and upgrades its Kinect camera sensor to 1080p high definition resolution.

It said the Kinect would allow the device to better analyse body movements allowing users to more accurately control game characters and navigate other entertainment options.

“When you’re exercising, it can read your heartbeat,” claimed the firm.

New tools will also allow users to record and edit gameplay so clips can be easily uploaded to the web.

EA Sports was first to announce new titles for the machine revealing Fifa 14, Madden 25, NBA Live 14 and the fighting game UFC would all launch on the platform within the next 12 months using a new games engine called Ignite.

It said the new machine allowed it to carry out four times as many calculations a second as the Xbox 360 and 10 times more “animation depth and detail”.

Microsoft also revealed that Forza Motorsport 5 – the latest in the firm’s own racing car franchise – would be available when the console launched.

Sony held a press conference in February when it revealed details about its upcoming PlayStation 4 – but it has still to show off the console itself.

Both Microsoft and Sony plan follow-up “keynote” announcements at the E3 trade show in Los Angeles on 10 June.

Nintendo launched its next-generation console, the Wii U, last year and has said it will not host a major press conference at the event.

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  1. That’s bad by minus 719.. Thanks for the article I also did a Whois search as soon as I heard the name. Disappointed.

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