Mike Mann and DomainMarket.com are smashing it 5,800% ROI

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Mike Mann and DomainMarket.com are smashing it 5,800% ROI

Mike Mann, Owner and Founder of DomainMarket.com often reports some of the sales his company are making on his Facebook account.

DomainMarket.com was attacked by a DDOS this month and they recovered quickly and keep knocking  the domain sales out of the park.

These are just a snapshot of some the names sold by DomainMarket.com in the past few weeks.

Just  under $60K of domain sales in a few weeks and looking at some of the names listed below Mike spend less than $1000 to register / purchase these domains and then flip them for $59K profit.

Tell me another market in the world where you can get an ROI that’s 5,800%?

Now I know several people are going to say Mike owns over 350K of domains so that doesn’t cover running costs etc… Well your right if we only look at these domains but DomainMarket.com are selling a lot more than $59k they are selling several domains every day these are just a few that Mike has posted.

PourLaMaison.com (for the home) for $5000 Acquired: 1/1/09 $80

(confidentialname).com for $20,000 Acquired: 8/21/09 $99

PoolsideEntertainment.com $2000

Cretum.com for $15,000 Acquired 9/3/2012 for $200

PowerOfThePink.com for $4550 – Acquired: 2011-09-24 $7.50

IAmForever.com $4,000; purchased 6/20/11 for $8.

HormoneClinic.com for $2000, purchased by us 2010-07-25 $80

Exelerate.com $3,400, Purchased 6-30-2010 $70

ArtOfBread.com $4000, Purchased 4/16/12 $8.35

Congrats to Mike and the DomainMarket.com Team


Sonia Martinez Doubet Thank you, Robbie! Also this month – UpperPeninsula.com $55k, HealthExperts.com $40k :)– That takes the total to around $155K…
*****Second Update*****
Mike just announced another sale. LifeCycleManagement.com – Sold for $8,500 bought for $70 on 10/22/11 – Total of announced sales now $163,500

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