Mike Mann reports 18,124% ROI on 6 domain names in November.

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Mike Mann has been seeing a nice ROI on his domain sales recently, For those that don’t know who Mike is, Mike is the CEO and Founder at SEO.com, Chairman and Founder at Phone.com and CEO & Founder at DomainMarket.com, Mike also Sold a large stake in another company he founded BuyDomains.com several years ago, and most recently announced recently announced that he is taking the microphone as the new host of Domain Masters.  I wish him well and look forward to listening to new episodes of Domain Masters on WebmasterRadio.fm but don’t forget that Mike also contributes large sums of money and his companies profits to Charity – See more about Mike on MikeMann.com

Mike doesn’t release all his domain name sales but from what he does publish on his Facebook account we can see that so far in November he has sold several domains such as UltraFilms.com for $15,000, Acquired: 10-16-2009 $80, RaceMania.com for $25,000. Acquired: 12-31-08 $130, AWomansPleasure.com $7500, purchased 8/4/12 $8, BagelNosh.com $1,700,  Purchased 11-17-09 $70, xteeener.com for $10,000. Acquired: 1/30/11 $8,  Animaker.com $7,500, purchased 4/9/09 $70.

The above is just a snapshot of some of the domains sold by Mike Mann they total – $66,700 and they cost $366 + renew costs.

That is a ROI of 18,124.04 % increase in a short period of time – Tell me who else out there doesn’t see a viable option in this business, don’t get me wrong domain investing isn’t easy by any means but if you buy strong generic / brandable DOT COM domain names the rewards can be huge.

Every week we see Millions of Dollars in domain names being publicly announced via Sedo.com, Afternic.com and more recently DomainNameSales.com and GoDaddy.com however there are marketplaces such as DomainMarket.com, HugeDomains.com and many more that don’t report all of there sales.

The article by Forbes I haven’t commented on any blog or wrote a post specifically about it however if anyone questions the opportunities of this business just show them this!

It isn’t Squatting, It is investing plain and simple… Just like when you go out and buy any item in this world – It’s First come, First Serve! We are in a Boom not a Bust!

Mike also added on his Facebook account – “Saw a cool new Coke ad, and at the end they flashed the URL of their brand, ComingTogether.com, bought from DomainMarket.com”

What are your thoughts? Are you seeing a nice ROI on your domain investments?

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3 Comments on "Mike Mann reports 18,124% ROI on 6 domain names in November."

  1. Schwartz's Anus | 26/11/2013 at 21:27 | Reply

    You forgot to mention the 80,000 domains he didn’t sell

    And the ROI calc is stupid as it doesn’t factor in the renewals of unsold domains

    Should a gambler only calc the ROI on the winning bet?
    Or should he include all the losses that he “forgot” about

    You’re clueless

    • I appreciate your comment and I agree it doesn’t account for renewals or the other domain names he owns however this was to show just a snapshot of domains sold and the opportunities of ROI on these names from there cost to the actual sales price.

      Also Mike sells a lot more than 6 domain names per months so I am pretty sure he is covering his costs and making profit otherwise he wouldn’t be doing this…

  2. Mike Mann time is over ….

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