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Whois XML Api For Sale – are the brokers for the domain name

The site is developed and gets a good amount of traffic, It has an Alexa #54,860 and over 1500 solid back links…

The press release for the sale is as below.

DomainAdvisors is very excited to announce that, arguably one of the world’s most valuable domain names, is being privately marketed for sale. The domain name stands alone in terms of caliber, depth and scope, truly encompassing the multi-billion dollar music industry. Rarely does a domain offer such huge potential to dominate any online space – let alone the online music space – and will likely only appreciate in value over time.

Highly marketable, memorable, and category defining, offers a unique global branding opportunity for a new or established company to capitalize on a universally recognized word included in nearly 300 Million Google searches each month. remains an unspoiled brand that currently attracts approximately One Million visits per month.

Notable music industry stats include:

  • Amount of money spent on Music Downloads last year: $5.2 Billion
  • Number of songs downloaded in 2011: 3.6 Billion
  • Online Music industry growth compared 2010: 17%
  • Number of Subscribers to online music services: 13.5 Million
  • Percentage growth of online music services: 65%
  • Most downloaded song in 2011: “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars with 12.5 Million downloads

According to DomainAdvisors’ President, Jeffrey Gabriel, “There are only a handful of domains in the world that dominate the largest and most competitive online industries and is one of them. is of the same caliber of, or even which sold for 13,000,000 USD.” Jeffrey Gabriel sold in 2009.

For more information on the property, please contact me directly +1 508 689 9569, ext. 701 or

The about us page on describes the website as a work in progress is here because music is essential to our lives! The current is provided to you as a Beta and will give you an idea of what to expect when we complete development to be the best and most useful online music discovery experience.

We appreciate your patience, thoughts and recommendations during this stage of our growth. Ultimately, You, the music fans and creators are the voice and soul of what is it? helps you make the most of an online community that is passionate and opinionated about music; your music, your friend’s music, all music. You know how a great song or video inspires you to share it…learn more about it…find more like it? is a catalyst for exploring, expressing and connecting through music. a vast resource

While we can boast about having millions of pages of music and videos, we are by no means complete. Our site is a work in progress — a sort of collective effort. If you stumble upon something missing or lacking, we welcome your contributions. Or, if you know something we don’t, please share it with us and everyone else. This information is reviewed and added to enhance the accuracy and personality of the site. Ultimately, is a reflection of you and the collective passion and knowledge of our users.

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