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A press release today about UK based Start-Up has upgraded their website and re-launch of their marketplace. It actually sounds like a really good business and I think it could be very successful if they market themselves correctly here in the UK – Companies such as myself are always looking for deals where we can purchase stock cheaply and resell.

It is great seeing another start-up using the Dot Com but they should upgrade their domain name when it’s so cheap…

Afternic has available for $3,788 The domain is under privacy but available for Buy It Now! It seems like a No Brainer to me as its much easier to remember and will this domain ever be available again if they purchase it for under $5K…

Someone in the UK has registered the domain name Trade.Deals – It is also listed for sale at Sedo this time again Buy It Now only $700, I am not really into new GTLD’s personally as many know but for a brand shortener and again less than $1K it’s another No Brainer… Start-up’s really need some help with domain names!

Also Nokta owns which is also key domain name that they should  purchase, again it probably is available for $1-2K but might increase dramatically if becomes a success.

What Do you Think? Should they buy & Trade.Deals – Both for less than $5K

Trade Dot Deals TradeDeals Dot Com

Here is the link to the Press Release.

West Sussex based digital startup this week announced the launch of a major design and functionality update to their new online marketplace.

The update announcement detailed technical improvements in navigation and checkout usability, as well as a new option to create orders to pay for later by bank transfer. Design changes were aimed at improving ease of use for trade buyers searching for hard-to-find parts and discounted equipment. The site is now more accessible to mobile users: many of the trade buyers, in categories such as plumbing supplies and electrical supplies, make purchases on the go.

According to the business development team, the site immediately saw improvements in engagement from online visitors, more than doubling visitors’ average time on site and also measurably improving the number of pages visitors browsed.

My Trade Deals, domain name (and limited company name) was soft-launched earlier in 2015 with the stated aim of helping UK businesses clear their surplus, obsolete, or excess stock in an easy-to-use independent marketplace.

A familiar ecommerce system and in-depth product search functionality are designed to help tradespeople such as electricians and cable installers find parts they are looking for at lower prices than buying retail. At the same time, buyers do not need to negotiate with separate sellers – they can just click and order whatever they need for express delivery: an advantage in a world where many trade suppliers still require purchase agreements and phone calls to salesmen.

According to My Trade Deals CEO Duncan Lindsay, the new platform provides businesses with a number of advantages over the two most famous ecommerce platforms: “Listing individual parts one by one on Amazon is not viable when you have an inventory of hundreds or thousands of specialized SKUs. Adding unique or partial items, or wholesale lots, is impossible there. And if you look at eBay, sellers are under a lot of pressure to adhere to consumer-focused description creation, and have to sell out in a limited amount of time. Neither Amazon nor eBay are great choices for many businesses as they are mostly about B2C (consumer) selling. Our focus is on B2B ecommerce in the UK.”

Added Lindsay: “Parts and equipment suppliers who are already building their own ecommerce storefronts will still appreciate an additional outlet for clearing surplus stock in a larger marketplace.”

CEO Lindsay summed up: “This is an innovative and ambitious B2B ecommerce marketplace that we’ve launched, and we expect to continue driving plenty of new improvements into the site design and functionality, to make trading easier for both overstock sellers and UK trade buyers.”

As of August 2015, there are over 7,000 sellers’ items listed for sale in, many in large bulk quantities, totalling over £2,600,000 of UK-based trade inventory at current discount pricing. Registration is free for buyers and sellers, and sellers are not charged any fees until items sell.

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