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Well I am just back from a lovely week away in Turkey, I tried not to post too much while I was away to keep my good lady happy… I noticed in Turkey that most adverts either contained the Turkey CCTLD – and if that wasnt being used it was mainly dot-com, I didn’t notice any .net, .org or new domain extension being used like .CO or .ME but I was only there for a week…

Anyway I’m back now to a cold and wet Scotland, Cant believe that’s us nearly in October already… It has been a great 2012 for me on many levels in the domain business and out with and I hope the year continues to be great…

Now back to the domains…

This is a list of domains currently pending delete status at – Well I wouldn’t bid on this domain it has UDRP written all over it … It does however have 43 Bidders and has a high bid of $320 at the time this post was published. – Is a nice domain, look like it shall go for a nice price, It has 41 Bidders at present and is a 2002 registration. – This domain appears registered in most extensions and an article from back in April suggests that ZenPay is the name of a new startup by Rocket Internet – Read more – This domain should have been snapped up years ago by The University of  Cambridge for those of you who don’t know about Cambridge University they operate on and also own but surely this is a must own for them. – I just really like this domain, I don’t know why I think it is something that could be turned into a blog or cooking style recipe website, 6 other bidders like this domain too but still sitting at just $59 – 1998 Registration and Frank Schilling owns the .net – Like above another great domain, Only 1 Bidder a 1998 registration. – 5N domain name, 2000 Registration – I am not huge fan of Number domains but I know the Chinese industry well and this domain could be branded over there, The shorter the better and this isn’t the best but certainly not the worst I have seen being used in China or Hong Kong, I am currently in the middle of a sale on a domain I own – – Ok I know it’s a .info – It wont get any type in traffic but it is a killer domain if you are an SEO whizz that could develop and build this domain out, again another 2002 domain registration and only 4 Bidders. – owns the .com and appears to have been developed minisite registered back 2007, Taken in all major tlds and could be flipped with a little work if you can get it cheap enough only 3 other bidders at $100


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