NamePros Daily: 20 Misused Words / Buying

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Today: Domain / Sold for $12,105; for $10,608 / Experts domainers Your Thoughts / And more.

Here are the new threads that caught my eye:

Please APP (ABBBA.COM) – ljjjl, yhhhy, hppph – Any value in these?
WGS.COM – Came across this 3 letter .com in the NamePros Top Domain forum today. Domain – Have any of these for this investor?
LLL.IN DROPPING LIST SCANNER – How do you search for 3 letter .in’s? Sold for $12,105; for $10,608 – Some recent sales reports.
Experts domainers Your Thoughts – What do you think this ones worth?
20 Misused Words – This was just funny. I think lots of people might accidentally use some of these.
Buying – Check your portfolio for one of these.

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