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Are you still hand registering domain names? I know I am, I registered another two dot com domain names today for part of a bigger project, one was & second was – I wouldn’t normally put USA at the end of this keyword domain name but I want to try something new in regards to SEO on this site and target a niche market in the USA – It’s a trial and I will let you know how I get on with it over the next few months. I registered the domain names via – There $8.88 Domain Deal for Dot Com is still running and I see the Team are promoting it in Sponsored Threads.

So here are todays Thread.

Excel Tips for Domainers – Any investors looking to Excel? This might be an interesting topic.
My appraisal list: 1. – What are your thoughts on this one?
LLLL.coms – Got any 4 Letter .com’s in your portfolio for this investor? Sold for $3,550; for $2,552… – Here’s some recent sales reports to get you motivated.
Where to handreg with no waiting period to flip? – Anyone have a list of registrars that allow a domain transfer immediately after registration?
2-factor authentication ? – Anyone have some input on this security topic?
888??? (the next trending 9N ) – A 9 number .com trend? Really? What are your thoughts?

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  1. Why stop there? At 63 letters/digits per domain, go all out. 😀

    But seriously, the token game and the alleged Chinese investing is getting beyond ridiculous. Sure, short numbers/letters fetch big bucks. The rest is playing Domainopoly.

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