NamePros Daily: A question about domain name disputes

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Similar to Shane I have had several people ask me why I haven’t posted the Thread from about Adam Dicker on the NamePros Daily, I don’t personally know Adam and I haven’t had any business dealings with him, I am a great believer in Innocent Until Proven Guilty, I am not defending him! I just think we need to see all the evidence from all parties involved, I really do hope this matter gets resolved in a timely manner.

Something else I am going to post daily for a bit of fun is Random National Holiday Days!

Today’s holiday list: 7th of October.

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Today is Bathtub Day!
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Back to the NamePros Threads from Today.


How to get more offers? – How do you guys go about generating more offers for your domains? wanted – Break out your portfolio everyone. Time to see if you have something for this investor. appraisal – Not familiar with this market. Maybe one of you have an idea on the domain value?
Looking to buy small portfolio of chinese – Another investor looking to buy your 4 Letter .com domains.
What’s up with .one extension? – Any of you following the .One gTLD that could help out?
A question about domain name disputes – Good topic to debate in about questionable TM domains.
Lander page options and sites – Maybe someone could help this guy out with his questions regarding a personalized sales landing page for his domain(s)?
Promoting NP auctions through social media – Anyone have experience with this that could provide some tips and tricks?

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