NamePros Daily: Auction Battle for a & Selling domains on eBay – good, bad or ugly

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Well its Saturday again and another week has passed by us, We are having some great sales over and have just signed an agreement with an US partner to become an agent for one of their products in the UK – I will let you know more about it when we launch the new sites later this month – We are also working with them on there US Site and helping with SEO and link building.

Do you own a Balance Board? They are so much fun…I am thinking about giving some away to a few of my readers of, would you like to own one?

So here is todays NamePros Threads.

An Auction Battle for a ? – These number .com’s sure are heating up.
Donations…yes the dot com – What do you think this bad boy is worth?
Selling domains on eBay – good, bad or ugly?? – Anyone have some experience to share on this topic? – Ran across another 4 letter .com on the market. and – Any ideas on what these two might be worth?
Need help installing a .php on my Website – Anyone have any experience with php themes that could help?
Today is Last Day Of Google [RIP 1998-2015] – It’s been a great ride. Looking forward to seeing the new branding when it rolls out.
883z com – What are your thoughts on this NNNL .com?

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