NamePros Daily: & What are they worth?

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It’s been another quick weekend, How has your weekend been? I see on Google News the story about the ex Google Employee that apparently registered for $12 is still doing the rounds the article has been published on thousands of blog and really is letting everyone know that Google now offers domain registration but unfortunately for people like me they offer it only to users in the USA, as I am based in the UK, I can’t register a domain name with Google as I don’t have US address. I am not 100% sure why I would need a US Address to register a domain name via Google but apparently it is a must at present.

Top Reported Sales Yesterday were – @ for $3,550, @ for $2,552 & @ for $2,075 – What do you think of these sales?

Have you registered any domain names with yet? – What do you think this ones worth?
Is this a new scam? – Scam, Spam, or Both? Sold for $25,000; for $7,400… – Here’s some sales reports to get you motivated.
Anyone get an Efty subscription? – The beta trials ended. Has anyone tried out the new paid service yet and care to give a review?
Britisher or american could tell me the differences – Maybe someone can help explain the difference of some of the new gTLD’s to him?
On Monday Google will become Alphabet on NASDAQ – Talk about a total brand overhaul. Looking forward to the changes. – Any thoughts as to what the value might be on this one? Sold for $64,000; for $20,101… – Some more sales reports for motivation. – This one feels brandable. What’s it worth?

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