NamePros Daily – Don’t under estimate the potential buyers

Today: Developing your domain names / Sold for $51,772; for $22,300 / how many are left? / And more.

Here are the new threads that caught my eye:

3L / Pronounceable / 5N without 0,4 / CVCV .com – Check your portfolio for one of these.

Six 10+ years old .COM domains. Any thoughts? – RULEAPHOTO.COM – How much are these worth? – Any value in this one?

Developing your domain names – Do you have some ideas for developing? Sold for $51,772; for $22,300… – Some recent domain sales reports.

how many are left? – Anyone following this market?

Don’t under estimate the potential buyers – Good read.

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  1. LLNN, NNLL getting tons of bids. Next big thing no matter what anyone says.

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