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I am trying something a little different today, while continuing with the NamePros Daily, I am also listing some Domains that are active and Ending today on and also the Flippa Editors choice. You can see them below the threads from

Today threads from – I could use a vacation to Miami! What do you think the value of this one is?
Wondering why my had no offers – Any number crunching .com investors have ideas as to why this guys numerical didn’t get any bids?
WTB: .com: one word or two words ($1 – $50) – Time to dig in your portfolio to see if you have one for this investor.
Most popular niche/novelty domain genres? – What do you think the most popular niche is?
Understanding type in traffic and parking – Interesting topic about parking and traffic for those of you getting into that business model.
Two word keyword domain – Don’t put your portfolio up yet. Here’s another investor looking for domains.
Any unified software that can check stats from parking accounts? – Anyone know of a software that can do this?
Is it possible to sell a reserved domain? – Anyone familiar with reserving domains in pre-release that could answer some questions? Ending Today & Editors Choice Auctions.














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