NamePros Daily: UWUB.COM – UGUQ.COM – UJYY.COM For Sale

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Here are todays threads, yes you might be thinking did he not post them already? Well you would be correct I posted some earlier today but they should have went out yesterday so here are todays threads officially.

Also did you see our post yesterday on available domains available to register for $8.88? With 500,000 registered in the past month we have found less than 600 available now to hand register, check them out here for free.

Have you voted yet? We are interested to get your vote on if you would like to see more video content from So please take two minutes to visit this post from today and Vote.

UWUB.COM – UGUQ.COM – UJYY.COM – 3 VCVC + Repeated letters – Came across some more 4 letter .com’s for sale.
Which one will you register? First Name or Last Name or both? – When it comes to your name, would you register just first or first and last?
Kitchen related domain name. – Do you have any kitchen domains in your portfolio for this investor? – What do you think this one is worth? Sold for $27,288; for $24,761… – Some more reported sales to get you motivated.
Average Portfolio Size? – How big is your portfolio?
Click Through Rate – Anyone with tips to help with bettering click though rates?

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