NamePros Daily – Wise words from industry veterans / Tips on buying single word .info and .tv

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Today: How Safe is for sellers / Immortal Domainers, Chapter 1 / Why isnt there a .web? / And more.

Here are the new threads that caught my eye:

Fri. 02/12/2016

Why isnt there a .web? – Anyone? – Does this one have some value?

Newbie – Domain value question – Anyone good with evaluations? – Any value in this one?

Run on .INFO CHIPS or did I miss something? – Anyone following this market? – How much is this one worth?

Domaining wise words from industry veterans – Interesting read

Thur. 02/11/2016 – What’s this single letter nGTLD worth? (75%+ Registred) – Another market locking up? – Any value in this one?

How’s China Market holding up with Fin. Market pounding? – Anyone following this?

How Safe is for sellers – Anyone have some experiences they can share?

I’ve recently received a notice from a company – Anyone good with Trademarks?

Immortal Domainers, Chapter 1. – Interesting read.

Tips on buying single word .info and .tv – Anyone else investing in these markets?

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