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There were quite a few interesting threads that caught my eye today: – Should I invest in .agency domains? / Looking to bulk buy 6n .com domains / Sold for $20,000; for $9,999 / Are you always looking for an opportunity?

So here are today’s Threads:

Would you start an online shop on a HYPHENATED exact match product domain? (EMD) – Any hyphenated developers out there? Sold for $20,000; for $9,999… – Some recent reported sales to get you motivated.
Want buy some & – Another investor looking for domains. – thoughts please! – How much do you think this ones worth?
Should I invest in .agency domains? – Anyone familiar with the .agency market?
Looking to bulk buy 6n .com domains – Make sure to check your portfolio for this buyer.
Are you always looking for an opportunity? – Anyone else research while driving or walking?
[WTB] | | | – Check your portfolio to see if you have one for this investor.

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