Namepros Poll: 360, 365 or 247 – Which is preferred?

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Morning All – I hope everyone is having a fine Tuesday morning, I was out on my bike last night and put away 13KM, not a lot by cycling standards but the longest cycle I have been on this year during my lockdown fitness regime, I have managed to drop 10kg which is 60% of the way to my goal of hitting my weight target this year, what have you been up to during lockdown? Have you been able to exercise?

I am running a Poll over at namepros to see what domain NNN you would typically add to a domain name ie.,, – I do believe it depends on the niche/project you believe the domain name could be used for but I thought I would share the link on here and ask if you have two minutes to vote over at NamePros and leave your thoughts on the thread.

Have a great day and thanks once again for your support of Robbie’s Blog, It is greatly appreciated!

Namepros Poll: 360, 365 or 247 – Which is preferred?


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