Other ways to promote your website or blog offline for online

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Other ways to promote your website or blog offline for online

Well some of you might have noticed I haven’t been blogging as much… So people might maybe haven’t noticed… either way if you didn’t know I have decided to turn one of my domain names into an actual business and after my day job when I am normally blogging I have been busy working on getting the site ready to launch with the help of Develio and some others from the industry.

The site is currently being developed just now and shall be launching in February, it isn’t related to the domain industry at all but thanks to domaining I have learned so much since I started in the online industry in 2006 and made some great contacts and these guys are helping me get my new business off the ground.

I read Blogging.org a lot the team their always have great posts and the one below is a must read for anyone who has developed their website and are looking to gain more traffic to there website by finding other ways to promote your website or blog offline for online.

There post title is called – Using Stickers to Promote Your Website and this is something that I shall certainly be doing here in the UK when we go live later this month as well as few other tricks I have lined up…

Here is the full post what are your thoughts?

Does Offline Advertising lead you to Online Websites?

“In addition to focusing on creating brand awareness with your blog online, offline marketing is a great way to interact with consumers and strengthen your website and product. One of these strategies is using stickers to promote your website. Custom vinyl stickers are a lasting promotional tool and a great way to help people connect with your company. There are also other printing products such as static cling window stickers, magnets, and metal signs that make great additions to your marketing strategy.

One company that I really like for ordering stickers is StickyLife. They are an online printing company that allows you to completely customize vinyl stickers and several other products to fit your brand. There website is easy to use and they have excellent customer service. Another reason I like using StickyLife, is there are no minimum orders. They do offer lower price points for larger orders, but you can create and order just one sticker which is a huge cost saver if you are a small business and do not need the larger quantities.

There are several great ideas to increase sales and strengthen brand awareness using custom stickers. Sending a sticker out with every order is a great way to strengthen your customer’s connection with your product. Even if you are not selling a product, stickers are a great way to promote your blog and increase interest in your site.

You can also pass at stickers at events and trade shows instead of business cards. People love stickers and if they are done right they are much more likely to end up on laptop or cubicle wall then a business card. Giving stickers to your family and friends to pass out is another great way to spread the word about your business and generate interest for your blog. Also, basic branding on your order materials is sometimes neglected but goes a long way to make a great first impression to consumers. Stickers are a cost effective solution to brand the packing and envelopes that are representing your company.

Static cling window stickers are a fun option to market new products or events that may change in a few months’ time. They are fuss free and can be moved and reused without ruining the adhesive on the sticker. They are easy to design online through StickyLife’s website and can be created for interior or exterior view so the options are endless. Similar to ease of creating stickers, window clings can be customized in several shapes and you can easily add your own graphic and text content for consistency with other marketing materials.

Using your car to promote your company throughout the community is like have a moving billboard at your fingertips. Using a window sticker with your logo on the back windshield is a great way to help increase brand recognition. Another idea is creating a car magnet customized specifically to promote your site. Smaller magnets also make great giveaways to your customers.

As you can see, stickers are an excellent way to promote your website and create a connection with customers and potential consumers. To help you get started using stickers to promote your website, StickyLife is offering a special coupon code for all of our blogging.org readers. For $5 off your sticker order through April 15, 2013 just use BLGORG5 at checkout.”

In case you are wondering Stickers.com is currently parked with Frank Schilling’s Internet Traffic… Would be great to see this domain name developed out…

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