Outbound or Inbound – Which leads to sales for you?

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I noticed a couple of popular posts over at NamesPros.com regarding domain name sales where a few domain investors are discussing Outbound or Inbound domain sales enquires, What have you found that works you?

I used to carry out a lot of outbound of domain sales enquiries back in 2008 – 2012 when I was more active and held a larger portfolio of domain names, however as the years have gone on most of my time has been in developing my domain names into revenue streams if they don’t earn their renewal fee generally they get dropped… If you have any decent domain names then making $8-10 per year from them to cover costs shouldn’t be too difficult either be it parking your domain name, building a site to earn Adsense or Affiliate revenue – That is of course unless you turn it into a business which I have done on a few on my key domain name assets.

The strike rate of conversion, I found doing outbound was difficult – you would spend more time trying to convince an end-user as too why they needed your domain name first, then after that, you generally had to convince them to pay using Escrow.com or similar platform so they could trust you… Remember you have contacted more often than not a complete stranger out of nowhere and offered them a domain name for sale, which they probably didn’t even realise was possible then asking $,$$$ for the domain – Why would they trust you?

In general, I had to be very lucky back in the day to contact an end-user who actually got domain names and understood their value and how to transact i.e. transfer a domain etc…

So for me, yes there was some success in domain name outbound but nowadays I spend my time on building something out to earn money and then await an offer if it doesn’t arrive and the name doesn’t cover its overheads it’s normally a sign… Not always but more often than not you can spend years underwater on your domain names hoping to get that one sale that balances the books and while yes there are some large portfolio owners out here with a solid strategy most small domainers won’t always be able to make that work.

So what leads to sales for you? What works Outbound or Inbound, let’s discuss.

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