Poll: Do you know how to use WordPress?

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Hey everyone, I was thinking of what more could I add to RobbiesBlog.com to help the domain name community and internet investors whom visits this blog on a daily basis and I was wondering, how many of you know or would like to learn more about developing your domain names using WordPress?

WordPress is the number one free to use cloud software which operates many of the leading domain name blogs online across the world and also this blog here – I have used it now for nearly 9 years and I am no expert by any means but I do understand the basics to get by and would be willing to share with you my readers if you are interested in learning how to develop your own blog or website on one of your own domain names.

I have posted before about offering to help for FREE setup your own blog / site and that offer still stands but what I am now looking at doing is also sharing these types on Robbies Blog too if you would like to learn more then please vote below.


Get a .com now from $4.99*/yr with GoDaddy!

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Robbie Ferguson is an Internet Entrepreneur, Domain Investor, Domain Broker, Blogger and founder of various websites and eCommerce businesses such as ScreenProtectors.co.uk

5 Comments on "Poll: Do you know how to use WordPress?"

  1. NO… i don’t even like your blog. it’s like the NANCY comic. i hate it but i can’t not read it.

    • Thanks 🙏🏽- I appreciate your support 🤪

    • You’re clearly trying to develop and monetize your site more and domaining in itself is too niche. Adding wordpress topics or Shopify or developing domain names is a different topic. You kind of boxed yourself in if your main topics are about domain names.

  2. would like to see pictures of naked women. i know you can see them other places on the internet but like let’s kill two birds while we’re stoned.

  3. sorry but gotta agree with rathead, your blog isnt that good to begin with, the wordpress articles will not help

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