POLL: How Many GTLD’s Have You Sold in 2015

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The GTLD debate is still ongoing and while many have now agreed that there is room for both TLD’s such as .COM, .NET, .ORG and local CCTLD’s such as .CO.UK, .DE, .CA, .FR etc there are hundreds of new GTLD’s such as .XYZ, .Club, .London, .Scot, .Irish and many more…

Why GTLD’s will probably be adopted by many people we as domain investor have been concerned what they shall do to our legacy TLD’s – Some say it will only make .COM Stronger others say times have changed and you need to invest in GTLD’s.

I honestly believe there is room for both however I have not bought a single GTLD yet and I say yet as they are a few that I would consider buying but I personally want to wait on the side lines a little longer a lot have been snapped up and many are beginning to drop however a large number have been renewed so only time will tell.

What I want to know is if you own GTLD’s – How Many GTLD’s Have You Sold in 2015?

The Poll will close @ Midnight on Saturday 18th of July so have until then to complete the poll and then I shall share the result with domain name community.

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