Who has the most popular domain blog?

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Who has the most popular domain blog?

I know what my favourite domain blog is but who has the most popular domain blog?

Lets look at the domain traffic via Alexa.com – This is not the most accurate of tools but gives us something to compare against, Here is the list below in order of Alexa ranking of the most popular domain name blog.

Now I know I will have probably missed a few blogs from the list below – If there are any you think should be included then please leave me a comment.

TheDomains.com – Michael Berkens – Alexa Ranking of 17,972

ElliotsBlog.com – Elliot Silver – Alexa Ranking of 18,668

DNJournal.com – Ron Jackson – Alexa Ranking of 19,535 (Not Technically A Blog)

DomainNameWire.com – Andrew Allemann – Alexa Ranking of 27,512

RicksBlog.com – Rick Schwartz aka The Domain King – Alexa Ranking of 40,194

DomainShane.com – Shane Cultra – Alexa Ranking of 41,203

DomainSherpa.com – Michael Cyger – Alexa Ranking of 46,666

MorganLinton.com – Morgan Linton – Alexa Ranking of 52,296

DomainGang.com – Lucius Gunz Fabrice – Alexa Ranking of 59,478

HybridDomainer.com – Raymond Hackney – Alexa Ranking of 84,923

DomainIncite.com – Kevin Murphy – Alexa Ranking of  93,379

DomainPicks.com – Mark Hershiser – Alexa Ranking of 126,093

JasonThompson.co – Jason Thompson – Alexa Ranking of 145,472

TheArtOfTheName.com – Adam Dicker – Alexa Ranking of 155,346

DomainingTips.com – Domaining Tips – Alexa Ranking of 160,090

LoveLogo.com – Tito DePerro – Alexa Ranking of 191,252

TNTNames.com – TNT Names Staff – Alexa Ranking of 204,717

AccidentalDomainer.com – Aaron –  Alexa Ranking of 218,141

TiaWood.com – Tia Wood – Alexa Ranking of 318,762

DNExpert.com – DN Expert – Alexa Ranking of 372,203

AbdulBasit.com – Abdul Basit – Alexa Ranking of 553,848

NeusNews.com – Howard Neu – Alexa Ranking of 2,313,127

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Robbie Ferguson is an Internet Entrepreneur, Domain Investor, Domain Broker, Blogger and founder of various websites and eCommerce businesses such as ScreenProtectors.co.uk

7 Comments on "Who has the most popular domain blog?"

  1. Good morning, Robbie. Here’s a good table put up a few years ago: http://www.domainsuperstar.com/top-100-domaining-blogs

  2. titodeperro | 30/09/2013 at 12:22 | Reply

    Whoa Bro! How could you leave out your old pal Tito from the list. That’s you off my Christmas card list!

  3. That would be cool, but you still hurt my feelings, you’ll have to buy me a pint to make up for it….make mine a Carling.

  4. If you like can add mine as well to your list http://www.AbdulBasit.com

    Thanks 🙂

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