Lockdown Essentials – Pressure Washing Your Driveway & Results of Last Weeks Poll.

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Hey everyone and happy Monday, the sun has been shining the past few days in sunny Scotland and continues to shine today. I hope you all had a great weekend considering we are still in lockdown throughout most of the world. I spent Saturday pressure washing my driveway – 7 long monotonous hours with a pressure washer to clean the moss and weeds growing between my monobloc paving in the driveway.

This was then followed by a further 3 hours on Sunday afternoon brushing jointing sand into the newly formed gaps created by pressure washing the monobloc, however, I feel I accomplished another task while in lockdown, typically we would pay someone a few hundred pounds (dollars) to do this work for us but as we were stuck at home anyway we thought why not make good use of this time and do it myself, the downside to the sun shining and standing in it for 7 hours… Sunburn… My neck and arms are as red as a lobster not good but some aloe vera gel has helped ease the pain and repair the skin, I would highly recommend for any sunburn or burns from cooking to use aloe vera gel – This is what I use Pura D’Or organic aloe vera gel.

So have you Pressured Washed your Driveway or Garden?

I got this handy little pressure washer by Nilfisk which you don’t appear to get over in the USA, it does the job really well, I used to have Bosch Pressure Washer, then Karcher Pressure Washer but both failed after a few years usage whereas the Nilfisk has held up strong, What type of Pressure Washer do you use?

PressureWasher.com & PressureWashers.com – Both appear to be owned by an End User, David Wyett who has both keywords matching domain names redirected to AlwaysUnderPressure.com

Always Under Pressure was created with the merging of two highly respected local distributors – Hotsy Bay Area and Kleen Quip. David R. Wyett founded Kleen Quip 1979, out of his home garage and grew the company to be the second largest distributor in the Bay Area. Hotsy Bay Area was founded in the late 1960’s and was owned by Charlene Laymon from 1986 until 2000. Under Charlene’s management, Hosty Bay Area tripled in size to become the largest distributor in the Bay Area.

Great seeing an end-user getting exact match domain names and using them to redirect the traffic to there website to protect their brand and show they are the local industry leaders.

You might recall the Poll that I posted on Friday -What’s Happening with You & Domains during Lockdown? – Domain Names

The results are in from the 41 responses received – Thank You for taking the time to complete here are the results below.

So it would appear most domain investors are still purchasing domain names and 19.5% have seen an increase in domain traffic with more people being at home this is what should be expected if you have quality domain names that generate type-in traffic.

If you have experienced something different to the above or want to tell us more about what you have experienced then why not leave a comment below or Tweet us – @RobbiesBlog

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