Proton VPN – See 1400% increase in HongKong – Do you use a VPN?

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Read more about Proton VPN and the increase in traffic below.

We wanted to share an important update about the ProtonVPN in the context of the Hong Kong situation.

ProtonVPN has seen a massive increase in users in Hong Kong over the weekend following the announcement of new security laws imposed on the city by Beijing:

  • Users peaked at 1400% above average as concerns were raised about the impact the new laws could have on freedom of speech and privacy.

  • ProtonVPN’s app reached third place on the App Store.

  • ProtonMail also saw a 40% increase in users between Thursday and Saturday.

Why ours is the VPN service of choice for campaigners, activists and citizens who’s freedoms are at risk:

More information about how ProtonVPN supports Hong Kong’s right to digital freedom:

Press release:

ProtonVPN surge in Hong Kong continues – use up 1400%

  • ProtonVPN has seen an unprecedented surge of new users in Hong Kong responding to new security laws from Beijing

  • The ProtonVPN app also reached number three on the Hong Kong App Store

  • ProtonMail also saw a 40% increase in Hong Kong users between Thursday and Saturday

  • ProtonVPN was founded to protect the privacy and defend freedom of speech and is used by activists, journalists and campaigners all over the world

ProtonVPN, the world’s only free and open-source VPN, has continued to see massive increases in use in Hong Kong with user numbers peaking at 1400% above typical levels over the weekend.

Following the initial spike in users on Thursday, total users over the subsequent four days have been far higher than would normally be expected over a similar period of time. ProtonVPN’s app also reached 3rd place on the Hong Kong app store. Visitors to ProtonMail also increased by 40% between Thursday and Saturday.

The spike in use began on Thursday after the Chinese government announced proposals for new security laws designed to prevent “secession, subversion, terrorism and foreign intervention”. While few details have been announced yet, the announcement has raised concerns among the local population in light of past attempts to limit freedoms in Hong Kong.

ProtonVPN was launched in 2017 by Proton Technologies AG, the company behind ProtonMail, the world’s largest encrypted email provider. Proton was founded to protect privacy and free speech and it’s services are now used by millions of people around the world including journalists, activists and campaigners. Proton has previously supported Hong Kong activists, such as HKmaps, and independent news outlets living under repressive regimes by providing secure email services. It has also worked with organisations such as Reporters without Borders and Global Investigative Journalism Network.

Dr Andy Yen, Founder and CEO of Proton, said:
“We created ProtonVPN, and ProtonMail before that, in order to defend fundamental rights such as democracy, privacy and freedom of speech. We believe that the citizens of Hong Kong, just like all people around the world, should have the right to exercise these freedoms. Proton has an office in Taiwan so we feel solidarity with our user community in Hong Kong, and a duty to help uphold our shared values.”

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    Interested parties can reach us to acquire premium domain name

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