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Happy Birthday to Queen Elizabeth the second who is celebrating her 94th birthday, without any celebrations as a mark of respect to all working and fighting against the Coronavirus, The Royal Family has seen an unprecedented amount of press over the past few years here in the UK surrounding Price Harry & Megan Markle plus Price Phillip retiring from duties and Price Andrew stepping back with regards to the Jeffery Epstein enquiry etc.

When you think of Queen, what pops into your head after the world-famous band of course… To be its Queen.com which is owned by Rick Schwartz, the domain like many of Rick’s domain names is available for sale, lease or joint venture.

You can read more about how Rick won in his fight to keep Queen.com from the owners of Queen.DK, Frands Jepsen of Knud Jepsen, Denmark.

Other domains that I thought would be worth checking out if they are registered/owned and the domain names QueensBirthday.com is for sale at SAV.com for only $246.95 which seems like a fair price if you have a use for the domain name, Then I checked out QueenElizabeth.com only registered in 2009 and this domain name redirects to Cunard, the shipping company and then I also checked out QE2.com (Queen Elizabeth the Second) and this domain is also registered to QE2 shipping company based in Dubai – Both Cunard and QE2 are owned by Carnival Cruises who must be having a terrible time with zero passengers taking a cruise now or in the near future.

Do you think Carnival Cruises should purchase Queen.com to sit in there portfolio of domain names and redirect to site focusing on QueenElizabeth and QE2 Cruise ships?, How much traffic could they receive for free each year, maybe Rick can answer the number of Unique Visitors Queen.com receives I suspect tens of thousands each month.

Do you want to leave The Queen, also registered (TheQueen.com) a Happy Birthday message, leave a comment below or contact me. TheQueen.com domain name is owned by Judi Berkens wife of Mike Berkens who is the founder of TheDomains.com

Here is a bit of Queen the band to help you get through your day too!

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