Registering a .com after it drops

Today: This Weeks End User Sales / Where can i buy traffic domains? / Sells for 1.62 million CNY / And more.

Here are the new discussions and domain name news that caught my eye today:

Hot domain niche – Which of these niches is hot or cold?

Chinese(.)Clothing – How much value does this new gTLD have?

Where is the prices of (Chips) Going to? – Anyone following this niche have some statistics to share?

This Weeks End User Sales – Some recent end user sales reports to help keep you motivated.

Where can i buy traffic domains? – Does anyone have a source for these beauties or is everyone keeping them top secret and hording them for them self? Sells for 1.62 million CNY – Nice sale! Good to see domains are still reaching the million dollar mark.

Registering a .com after it drops – Any advice or tips you could offer on this subject would be helpful.

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