Reported Domains Sales – 2nd of October 2015

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I had looked at adding Video Blog posts to however that went down like a lead balloon so I am going to try to add some more different daily posts features – I am going to continue the NamePros Daily, It normally gets over 100 UV per post and while some people don’t like it, then don’t read it… I am going to post this daily list of domain sales over $1K that have been reported and will continue to add the Domains Sold by Frank Schilling, Mike Mann, etc every few weeks.

I am looking for guest bloggers to feature on, I am not asking for a daily commitment but if you are interested in writing even just one post per week please email me and we can discuss it further.

I will start to post press releases / domain news stories again something I haven’t been doing but as more want to see content with my spin, I can talk about PR Releases and other domain news articles that I am coming across and give me thoughts on the stories. sold for $25,000 USD on, sold for $7,400 USD on & sold for $6,450 USD on


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