Right Of The Dot announces it is the exclusive broker for Televisions.com

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Right Of The Dot announces it is the exclusive broker for Televisions.com – congratulations to Monte Cahn & Michael Berkens founders of RightOfTheDot.com a consulting group offering domain industry expertise to help you launch your new TLD and reignite existing Top Level Domains.

Monte Cahn also recently completed an interview for RobbiesBlog.com which you can read here

The full press release is below.

Right Of The Dot™, LLC announces it is the exclusive broker for Televisions.com, the chance to capture sales during the season when the most televisions are sold.

The domain name Televisions.com, including a package of six other regional and top level domains will be sold exclusively through the broker Right of The Dot™,LLC, the domain name consulting, sales, and valuation experts. The domain names listed in this package include Televisions.com.cn, Televisions.com.mx, Televisions.es, Televisions.de, and Televisions.pl, Televisions.tv, Televisions.info, and Televisions.com. The package deal for these domain names will insure that the buyer is a force of dominance in the online retail television industry in the worldwide and US Markets as well as international e-commerce markets in China, Mexico, Spain, Germany, and Poland with the specific domain name extensions for those countries. It is expected that television industry manufacturers, broadcasting companies, ecommerce affiliates, review sites, electronics sellers, e-tailers, and multi-channel retailers will all seek to buy this amazing domain name and corner a large piece of all future television sales. Just how big is the television sales market? It is estimated that over 40 million LCDs will be sold in 2012, and LCD’s only make up 67% of the market according to a 2011 statistic from NumberOf.net; since then smart televisions and internet enabled TVs are taking the market by storm. Television manufacturing leader Samsung expects to sell 25 million smart televisions in 2012*. The overall television sales market is even larger than that since that statistic represents only one manufacturer and only smart television sales figures.

Despite the advent of new technologies, televisions continue to be the cornerstone of family entertainment. In fact, the TV industry is seeing an increase in internet enabled televisions with more applications being devised and added all the time. Soon it will not be possible to buy a new television that is not a web enabled SmartTV. Samsung alone set a record December 2011, beating sales expectations by $7.4 billion with 45 million televisions sold. “The mass adoption of web-enabled devices will transform the way households access and consume media content on their televisions”, says Keith Nissen, principal analyst at In-Stat, a market research firm. Nissen confirms that e-commerce could play a significant role in that growth***. The market continues to grow, as three quarters of Americans do not have flat panel displays yet and new technologies continue to emerge****. Larger televisions are now becoming accessible to the average consumer; the 60-90 inch displays that once went for around $75,000 are now approaching the $2000-$5000 range. Many people will be replacing their current models in the coming years. With the growing diversity and new technology of televisions: 3D television sets, high definition TV, internet integrated televisions, and interactive or touch screen smart televisions, the future for television sales is strong. “The potential sales and growth in this industry make owning this set of Televisions.com domain names, especially with the holiday season right in front of us, an excellent opportunity to tap into and dominate commerce in a billion dollar market”, states Monte Cahn, domain name expert and President at RightOfTheDot.com.

Right of The Dot™, LLC, is an Internet consulting and advisement firm specializing in new and existing TLD strategy, board advisement, premium domain and market positioning, sales, and services. Both principle partners of RightofTheDot.com are experts in domain name valuation & sales and are responsible for more than $300 million in domain sales. Director Michael Berkens, Esq. and President Monte Cahn possess a unique position in the domain industry, since they have had dealings with all the major industry players in the domain industry since the mid 90s. The domain name experts at RightOfTheDot.com understand the changing landscape of the web and the domain name space. In addition to brokering the sale of domain names like Televisions.com, they also offer domain name consulting of all types and new TLD contention resolution services including private new TLD domain and competing applicant auction services.

For more information about this press release or for information on bidding for this domain name, contact:

Monte Cahn
President / Director
(954) 288-6810

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