Robbies 10 Picks at GoDaddy Auctions + How many clicks do you think these posts get?

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Hey Everyone, how are we all doing? It’s great getting the posts back out there yesterdays Domain Names Owned by Salesforce sure got a lot of traffic, if you have not checked out the awesome portfolio they own, you should visit this link to see.

A reader emailed me and asked, whats our CTR like on these domain name auction lists that we publish and available domain names, It does vary massively, and not every click converts to a domain name being purchased or bid on but yesterday for example we had 792 clicks on our post and today before this one went live so basically, traffic still coming through was another 725 click.

If we only we had a dollar for each click… We get ZERO Dollars unless you actually later buy something from GoDaddy but you might have actually clicked on another link through someone else also before you complete the checkout and in that case, we get ZERO Dollars again but either way – THANK YOU for checking out Robbies Blog and supporting us and hopefully some of these clicks will drive sales…

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