Sedo 2012 review and whats in store for Sedo in 2013

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Sedo 2012 review and whats in store for Sedo in 2013

In 2012, the Sedo platform made some great steps forward. For our customers, some of this year’s product improvements were visible, while some were only noticeable internally. Regardless, every change over the course of the year was an important and necessary one. Above all—and we hope you noticed it too—we have become faster at implementing changes, which is something we know you have been eager to see. The reason for this was the introduction in late 2011 of an agile development process. Our sales teams and product managers have also been attending the most important conferences all year to gather your feedback and implement the changes you’ve been looking for.

We would like to thank you for helping us further develop the Sedo marketplace to better serve the needs of buyers, sellers, parkers, and partners, and to make the domain name market into a better experience for us all. Though we have plenty of changes on the table for 2013, we would like to take a moment to look back at the great strides we’ve made in 2012. Starting next month, my colleague and Sedo’s CEO Tobias Flaitz will be keeping you up to date on news and trends from the domain industry.

I wish you and your loved ones a happy holiday and an exciting 2013!

  Liesbeth Mack-de Boer :: CSO, Sedo GmbH
For Domain Buyers Highlights for domain buyers

  • A revamped search tool, providing better, more specific results
  • The Domain Value Indicators tool, offering insight into the most important metrics for a domain’s value
  • Handpicked premium domains from experts for every budget and every industry with our monthly “Select 50” mailing
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For Domains Sellers Highlights for domain sellers

  • An improved domain listing process, including a wizard feature to guide new users
  • Free price suggestions for your domains with the Big Data Pricer
  • More flexible selling options with Buy Now or Best Offer to make more sales
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For Domain Parkers Highlights for domain parkers

  • More clicks and more revenue with our “Auto-Select” option, and new, fresh layouts
  • Noticeably better traffic conversion with more alternative monetization methods like Zero Click
  • Effective new parking templates optimized for mobile devices
  • Exclusively at Sedo: Parking ads display in Firefox and Chrome even with ad blocking software
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What will 2013 bring? In 2013, we want to continue to be the most secure, most service-oriented domain marketplace. Our Security & Compliance team is constantly working hard to ensure that your domain name transactions are safe and efficient, and to make sure that you are getting the best revenue from your parked domains.

This year, our Customer Support teams have also created some video tutorials that are available in our FAQ section, and which explain the different settings and tools at Sedo quickly and clearly. In 2013, we will add more tutorials, and continue to expand the SedoMLS partner network in order to put your domains in front of more potential buyers than ever before.

We’re also looking forward to partnering with many new gTLD registries in order to ensure that new domain extensions come to market successfully and that they reach the right end users to ensure their success. This is something that Sedo’s gTLD product offering will help with, and we’re happy to already be partnering with many new gTLDs.

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