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Happy Monday – So how was everyone’s weekend? We are starting to bring you Domain Names In Auction with Live Bids from today as part of a new feature at Robbies Blog, we hope you like it and will hopefully give you some more insight into the domain names that are selling on via auction, this probally wont be a daily list that feature but defintley plan to run for a few weeks to see what the traffic and Click through rates are on these domain names to determine if its something the industry wants to see more of?

Today’s list has 38 domain names in auction at all these domains end this week with some in the next few hours, The four domains that have taken my interest, has a single bid of $5,000 USD, has a single bid of $2,500 USD, has a single bid of $1,700 USD & Delivery.CC has a three bids of 560 Euros.

Another domain which I surprised to see with a $3,000 USD single bid was Fun88.Vip & the domain with the highest number of bidders currently is for 187 Euros currently with 6 active bids.

What do you see that’s in auction at that you might bid on from the below?

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3 Comments on "Domains In Auction @ –,, & Delivery.CC"

  1. Let’s see how does…..not a fan of the extension but a great keyword.

  2. is me. Please, no one else nick it. I bid the 2500, told him final offer, and he sent to auction. It will compliment my nicely.

    • Sorry, Andy for highlighting… I hope it closes at the agreed price! Definitely a good match for your BitCoin Names!

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