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Starbucks wants, I was reading this article today that Starbucks Corp is going after the owners of Starbarks Dog Inc and has sent them a cease and desist letter regarding their domain name aswell as wishing for this small business based in the state of Illinois to change their legal entity name from Starbarks Dog Inc.

Starbucks state that no legal action has been taken yet and they are working with the owners to get this resolved and wont comment further – Their reason for asking Starbarks Dog Inc to change their name  “is likely to cause confusion among consumers, who may mistakenly assume that Starbarks is authorized by or affiliated with Starbucks Corporation.” but really can someone confuse Starbucks for Starbarks? is registered and parked and has been since 2004 but I havent heard of Starbucks going after this domain?

I admit if you look at the Starbarks Logo on the left of the page you can see it is a ripoff of the starbucks logo with the stars at the side and green background.

However the owners have stated to Starbucks that they are willing to remove the stars replace them with paws and change the colour to yellow instead of green but Starbucks declined to accpt these changes.

This is the first case of Starbucks wanting to users to stop using the term Starbarks

An Internet search turns up a handful of other Starbarks businesses in the country, a fact McCarthy-Grzybek said she was aware of when she named her business.

“Starbucks has sent letters to other business named Starbarks, and that “several have agreed to change their name and logo.”

A webpage at links to a site for a Phoenix, Ariz., dog hotel named Canine Village, and reads in part, “Due to a conflict with a very famous coffee company our previous name (which we cannot mention) had to be changed to Canine Village only.

What do you think?

Are Starbucks protecting their brand by stopping from operating under the name Starbarks Dog Inc?

If they get them to change their name from Starbarks Dog Inc and stop using the domain name, could they next go after the domain name

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  1. dude, the logo is similar, and colors etc, they have to go for it, because, it makes the similarity and service offered by startbucks.

    Check out their logo, and stars, and green, color etc.

    If i was far away, i would think it would be starbucks logo.

    If i want to create a business, no other business allow me to use their little logos, or similarties to offer a new service, even if the service is in different niche.

  2. also, fix your website, i know you got a new blog, but you need to fix your layouts and do tweeks.

    good job. welcome.

  3. I was about to say that Starbucks had no basis to go after Starbarks Dog Inc until I clicked on the website and saw their logo.

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