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Get a .com now from $4.99*/yr with GoDaddy!

I saw a post on Facebook this morning from a fellow domain name investor, asking about which platform to use for starting your own blog online, I have always used WordPress and this is what and many of the other domain name blogs in the industry are built upon, you can actually start your own WordPress blog in under 30 minutes and I will explain how below.

I reached out and contacted the domain investor privately and offered to help set up there WordPress blog for free – Yes that’s correct, I am happy to help anyone out in setting up their new WordPress blog for free, why well it’s nice to be nice that’s for one but I also get paid via the hosting companies through there affiliate portal so it’s only fair that I return the gratitude to a reader of the Robbies Blog and set up their WordPress site for free.

So what do you need to set up a WordPress blog?

  1. Webhosting Account
  2. Domain Name
  3. Contact Me

Step 1

Where can you find a reliable web hosting company that doesn’t cost the earth, well I recommend Blue Host – If you visit this link here, I will earn a small commission from you signing up to there Webhosting services.

Why use Blue Host and not others? Well, Blue Host has been online since 2005 and currently host over 2 Million Websites on their servers, They are a reliable and well-known company in the domain hosting space and I would recommend them for hosting your blog.

How much will it cost for hosting with Blue Host? They have three different Webhosting plans, however, the one which I recommend for you starting out blogging is the Shared Webhosting offering the typical costs are around $5 – $10 per month, depending on how long you wish to sign up for with them.

What if I don’t like running my own blog and want to end the hosting? It’s easy they offer a free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee so you really have nothing to lose for trying.

Step 2

Once you have registered your Blue Host Shared Webhosting Account, the next thing you need to do is either Register Your Domain Name or Change Your Nameservers at your domain registrar.

If you still need to choose a domain name to use for your blog – Visit one of the domain registrars below and register your domain name – Costs vary but a Dot Com can be bought for under $10 at any of the below domain registrars, GoDaddy has $4.99 Dot Com promo using the link below.

Then change your nameservers, if you already have a domain name you wish to use then login into your domain registrar visit the DNS settings and point your nameservers to the directions given in your introduction email by Blue Host.

Domain Propagation can take up to 24 hours before the DNS updates so best to do this ASAP.

Step 3

Contact Me – Email me by clicking here once you have set up your new shared hosting account with Blue Host and your domain name servers have been changed to point at Blue Host servers, I will require your user name and login for Blue Host, you can change these once I have completed the setup!

I shall then install WordPress on your domain name, add the popular WordPress plugins for you to use and then send you a guide on how to write your first post.

It really is that simple and can all be done in under 30 minutes – Just visit Blue Host and sign up today.

Get a .com now from $4.99*/yr with GoDaddy!

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