Tell us your most recent Hand Registered Domains.

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So many people keep telling us that all the good DOT COM’s are gone, while I agree that many have already been taken they are still some great DOT COM domain names with type in traffic available to hand register today.

If you are like me currently sticking with DOT COM – You can still register .COM domain with for $1.99 – Click on the link at the top of and enter coupon code cjcrmn199 – This was working today 7th May 2014 for $1.99 Dot Com domain registration.

Why not share your recent Hand Registration Domain Names on

Leave a comment below of the 5 most recent Hand Register domain names, they don’t need to be DOT COM, they can be .whatever or cctld.

Explain in your comment why your recently purchased this domain name registration fee, Is it for resale, development, brand protection, brandable, next big thing or ecom etc lets share what each other are currently investing in within the available domain marketplaces.



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