The art of domain negotiation and selling

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Today: Domain name too long? / What to look for in a registrar? Which is the best? / Sold for $121,000; for $25,700 / And more.

Here are the new discussions and domain name news that caught my eye today:

What’s the best new gtld? – Anyone know which one is the best out of them all?

WTB: Exact Much Product Domain Names – DOT COM ONLY – Check your portfolio for one of these domains. This buyer is ready to pounce. ———-> Estibot Value -$980 – How much do you think this ones really worth?

What to look for in a registrar? Which is the best? – Any tips you could share as to how one can select the most dependable and cost effective registrar?

Domain name too long? – How long can a domain name be fore it’s undesirable? Sold for $121,000; for $25,700… – Some recent domain sales to get you motivated.

The art of domain negotiation and selling – Sharing tips and tricks to the perfect negotiation and selling techniques.

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