The secret behind NNNNN (5 number) .com’s

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Today: First $1 million offer / Backlinks for domain name / Large brand portfolios / And more.

Here are the new discussions and domain name news.

Just Sold a Domain Name for $1k – It’s always nice to hear about 4 digit sales that stem from 2 digit investments. – Do English product words work well in ccTLD’s of countries that English is not the primary language?

Brandable Domains (Part 1 of 4) – Are they worth the investment? – If you are in the brandable niche, this article seems like a good read for you.

Backlinks for domain name – Does anyone else use special services like this to create backlinks? How legit are they and will they get you banned from Google?

Large brand portfolios – Are you seeing a trend in brandable investing lately?

First $1 million offer – What would you do in their situation?

The secret behind NNNNN (5 number) .com’s – Do you know what the secret is?

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